Боротьба з канцеляритом і науковим жаргоном (із зарубіжного досвіду)

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Селігей, Пилип
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Стаття містить порівняльний огляд боротьби зі спотвореннями ділового та наукового стилів у Сполучених Штатах Америки та Російській Федерації. Зроблено висновок про те, що позитивний досвід цієї боротьби має бути використаний і в українських мовних реаліях.
The article contains a comparative overview of the struggle against distortions of official and academic discourses in the United States and the Russian Federation. It is noted that newspeak and bureaucratese have many common stylistic traits («split» predicates, abuse of verbal nouns, chains of nouns in the genitive case, long and tangled sentences). In the US bureaucratese is condemned as unnatural, stylistically and ethically abnormal phenomenon. Human rights and social justice provides for freedom access to educational, medical, legal, financial and economic information. So civil activists of the Plain Language Movement urges officials to simplify the language of official papers. Since the 1970s, the US government obliges officials communicate with citizens simply and clearly, avoiding bureaucratese. State acts and orders must be written in layman’s terms. Struggle with academese is carried out successfully as well. It’s facilitated by practice of research grant funding, well-thought-out procedure of academic articles acceptance for publications, the quality assessment of manuscript language by readability formulas, the availability of practical manuals on stylistic skill for scientists. The results of the struggle with academese are obvious. Many peoples admit that English-language academic texts are sometimes easier to read, than Ukrainian-language ones, because the former are more friendly to a reader. In the RF bureaucratese and academese are blamed in word only, but not with actions. At the state level neither relevant decrees nor orders are not 188 issued. Ordinary citizens are not too concerned about the fact that in the legislation something it is clear for them. Since the Soviet times Ukrainian literary language inherited both bureaucratese and academese. The conclusion is that the positive experience of this struggle should be used in the Ukrainian language realities.
official style, academic style, Newspeak, bureaucratese, academese, English, Russian, Ukrainian, діловий стиль, науковий стиль, новомова, канцелярит, науковий жаргон, англійська мова, російська мова, українська мова
Селігей, П. О. Боротьба з канцеляритом і науковим жаргоном (із зарубіжного досвіду) / Селігей П. О. // Мова : класичне - модерне - постмодерне : збірник наукових праць. - 2016. - Вип. 2. - С. 175-188.