Урбанонімія Житомира в контексті декомунізації

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Гримашевич, Галина
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У статті проаналізовано сучасний стан урбанонімії Житомира у зв’язку з декомунізацією. Схарактеризовано нові найменування вулиць і провулків за мотиваційною ознакою, структурними особливостями, специфікою номінації. Виявлено загальні тенденції в перейменуванні урбанонімів Житомира порівняно з іншими містами України.
In the article a modern state of urbanonimiia of town Zhytomyr in the connection of the Law of Decommunisation is analysed, that resulted in the change of onim space of the town. On an urbanonim space of Zhytomyr, in particular on the name of streets and side-streets, outlinguistic factors, first of all political, cultural and historical, etnocultural, etnomental, influenced 61 in the context of decommunisation foremost. New names of streets and side streets on a motivational sign, structural features, specific of nomination are characterised. Certainly, that about 70 percent of hodonimy is motivated by antroponims, named after famous in Ukraine of cultural, political, historical figures and those, life and activity of that directly related to Zhytomyr or Zhytomyrshchyna. Among the names of side-streets and some less than — streets the most are those that are named in honour to artists (writers, stage-directors, cultural figures, composers, conductors, musicians, ethnographers and others), that testifies on the whole to priority and eternity of common to all mankind values. A row of urbanonimy is named after Poland, Czeches and Armenians that left the track in Zhytomyrshchyna in particular or in Ukraine. The names of streets and side-streets, motivated by toponymy are periodically presented. A tendency to returning of the historical names to part of hodonimy is noticed. It is noticed that new completed urbanonimy have a different structure although the compound prevail (68%), about 25% — simple, the compounds are almost absent. General tendencies in redesignation of urbanonimy of town Zhytomyr comparatively with other towns of Ukraine are educed that grounded to assert that the new names are formed according to Ukrainian word-formation and testify to the general tendencies in the changes of urbanonim of space of Ukraine on the whole in accordance with new realities, as the modern names of streets and side-streets represent the phenomena of national culture of Ukrainians, their history, and at the same time and cultural and historical development of every separately taken city.
deccomunisation, urbanonim, godonim, motivation, structure, redesignatоn, декомунізація, урбаноніми, годоніми, мотивація, структура, перейменування
Гримашевич, Г. І. Урбанонімія Житомира в контексті декомунізації / Гримашевич Г. І. // Мова : класичне - модерне - постмодерне : збірник наукових праць. - 2016. - Вип. 2. - С. 53-61.