Образ "нової людини" у спогадах радянських робітниць 1920-1930-х рр.

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Клименко, О.
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У статті на основі спогадів робітниць, що працювали на будівництві Дніпрогесу наприкінці 1920-х - на початку 1930-х рр., запропоновано узагальнену характеристику образу "нової людини". Розкрито роль, яка надавалась жінці у "соціалістичному будівництві", та способи "виховання" населення. Також продемонстровано підконтрольність приватного життя людини її колективу та державі загалом.
The article offers the characteristics of the image of the "new soviet people". A female worker was also a part of this big image. In the 1920s women got new rights and had to work like men did. The article demonstrates stereotypes about work of men and women, which circulated in the soviet society in the 1920s - 1930s. It is based on the memoirs of the women presented during the "Evening of Reminiscences" about the construction of the Dnieper Hydroelectric Station. On the materials of their memoirs, we analyzed "hierarchy" ofwomen’s participation in “building socialism” and their attitude to the job: to working overtime, under any circumstances, to taking part in "socialist competitions," to detecting "enemies" who hampered “building socialism." In the Soviet Union, the image of the "new men" was always opposed to the image of the "enemy". The article characterises the techniques offormation of the "new soviet people," methods of "education" ofpeople: to study in schools in their free time, to visit lectures on different topics, and other activities. In addition, in the USSR there was a big agitation campaign among housewives to work at the factories. The article also demonstrates in what way the private life of workers was controlled by the group ofpeople with whom they worked and the country in general. It presents the women’s attitude to their appearance and family. There is little information about their husbands. Only several women wrote about their children who were also used by the soviet power for “education” of their parents.
"нова людина", "соціалістичне будівництво", способи "виховання", стаття, "building socialism", methods of "education", "new man"
Клименко О. M. Образ "нової людини" у спогадах радянських робітниць 1920-1930-х рр. / Клименко О. M. // Наукові записки НаУКМА. Історичні науки. - 2016. - Т. 182. - С. 35-40.