Назви діаспорних футбольних команд як віддзеркалення тяглості українських національно-культурних традицій

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Процик, Ірина
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Статтю присвячено розглядові назв українських футбольних команд у діаспорі, починаючи з другої половини 40-х ХХ ст. Проаналізовано мотивованість цих номінацій та продемонстровано, як під впливом національних чинників, що були визначальними у виборі найменувань футбольних команд, збережено тяглість національних культурних традицій у назовництві футбольних клубів поза межами України.
Among proper names of the Ukrainian language, there is a separate category of nominations of football clubs. They attracted the interest of linguists only a few years ago. During 2013-2016, there was a series of publications about proper names of football teams over a long history (more than a hundred years) of development of football in Ukraine. A special term for this type of onyms was also suggested - futbolokomandonimy (proper names of football teams) [Torshynskyj : 271; Hryhoruk 2014 : 28]. However, names of Ukrainian football clubs in diaspora have not been described yet. Purpose: To analyze names of national diaspora football teams that have not been the object of linguistic studies yet but are of certain interest firstly due to the ongoing Ukrainian national cultural traditions in naming football clubs. Methods: The basic method of research is description. Results: Names of diaspora football teams which functioned on the European, American and Australian continents dating back to the 1940s are composed names in the structure of which both component-abbreviation and name component have been combined. Elements-abbreviations do not make boast of variety, but there is more variety among name components: there is a diversity of lexemes which became the motivational basis for naming Ukrainian football clubs in diaspora. Here proper and common names have been found. Among the proper names there were used: the name of a national state (Ukraine), names of the cities significant for Ukrainians (Kyiv, Lviv), historically significant geographical names (Sich, Chornomorska Sich), names of rivers (Dnipro, Dnister), a proper name of a person (Chernyk), and generalized nomination of all the displaced persons during World War II (DP). The minor group consists of common names: state and national symbol (tryzub), relief (rock), animals (lion), a mythical bird (phoenix), a sports club (Ukrainian sports club). Discussion: It has been shown during the analysis that all the nominations of diaspora football teams are closely connected with the history and culture of Ukraine, which is the evidence of a very careful selection of names for Ukrainian football clubs in diaspora. Prospect of further researches consists in the analysis of the corpus of all the names of Ukrainian football teams and clarification of dynamics of changes or, on the contrary, preservation of all these names over the history of functioning of all those clubs.
власна назва футбольної команди, мотивованість, апелятивна лексика, онім, тяглість національно-культурних традицій у назовництві, стаття, a proper name of a football team, motivation, common vocabulary, a proper name, ongoing national-cultural traditions in giving names
Процик Ірина. Назви діаспорних футбольних команд як віддзеркалення тяглості українських національно-культурних традицій / Ірина Процик // Мова : класичне - модерне - постмодерне : збірник наукових праць / відп. ред. В. Ожоган ; Нац. ун-т "Києво-Могилянська академія". - Київ : Дух і Літера, 2017. - Вип. 3. - С. 157-165.