Колороніми у фразеологізмах на позначення почуттів в українській та німецькій мовах

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Маркова, Дарія
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Статтю присвячено розгляду вживання назв кольорів у фразеологізмах на позначення почуттів. Виявлено як спільні, так і відмінні явища в межах порівнюваних фразеологічних систем.
The article deals with the usage of colours in idioms indicating feelings. The current period of linguistic development is characterized by an increased interest in the comparative study of languages. The comparative study of phraseology of related and unrelated languages is at an early stage. Although there are many studies, but major issues of phraseology remain completely unresolved: idioms definition, their classification, linguistic and cultural aspects of linguistic units. The purpose of the article is to study the colour names denoting feelings in Ukrainian and German. The analysis of idioms denoting feelings in Ukrainian and German, which have the adjectives denoting colour in the structure, suggests the similar and different phenomena within the compared idiomatic systems. It has been found that there are many more common features in the studied phraseological units of Ukrainian and German languages than distinctive features. It is indicating the material nature of the human mind, which is a subject to the general laws of logic and psychology. It confirms the existence of permanent contacts between peoples, hence their spread in the compared languages. The proposed research has broad prospects. It allows studying the selected lexical level of idioms with the aim to find peculiarities of showing the feelings in phraseology. The results can be used in comparative theoretical linguistic research, as well as in developing a special course of linguistics, phraseology, and lexicography to develop ideographic (mono- and bilingual) dictionaries.
фразеологізм, фразеологічна одиниця, почуття, колір, idiom, phraseological unit, feelings
Маркова Дарія Сергіївна. Колороніми у фразеологізмах на позначення почуттів в українській та німецькій мовах / Маркова Д. С. // Магістеріум. - 2016. - Вип. 62 : Мовознавчі студії. - С. 61-64.