Ретроактивне санкціонування політичного самовизначення українського народу легітимними органами влади Росії у 1917 році - на початку 1918 року

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Курінний, Олексій
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У статті проаналізовано правові засади визнання і санкціонування постфактум політичного самовизначення українського народу з боку Тимчасового уряду та Всеросійських установчих зборів як вищих легітимних органів влади в Російській державі після Лютневої революції 1917 р.
The article refutes the Russian propaganda thesis (as one of the cornerstones of 2014–2016 aggression against Ukraine) about the non-historical nature and illegitimacy of Ukrainian statehood proclaimed as the result of the dissolution of the Russian Empire. The aim of this contribution is to prove that Ukrainian struggle for independence corresponds with the legally established procedure of its former metropolis as well as with sociological approach – by using hermeneutic and systematic legal research methods. So the article analyzes the legal aspects of recognition and ex post facto confirmation of the Ukrainian people’s political self-determination by the Russian Provisional Government and All-Russian Constituent Assembly – as the highest legitimate state authorities of Russia functioning after the 1917 February revolution. It is stressed that Ukraine as an ethnic-based territorial self-government entity was legally established for the first time only by the Temporary Instruction of August 4, which was officially published on August 8, 1917. The Instruction was finally accepted by the Central Council resolution (with 247 votes in favour, 36 votes against, and 70 abstentions) despite being in contradiction to the previous more developed July 3 Agreement of the Ukrainian Central Council with the Provisional Government. All the most important Ukrainian statehood building acts were adopted by letter and spirit of law in coordination with the official position of the highest legitimate state authorities of the Russian Democratic Republic as the legal successor of the former Russian Empire: the 2nd Universal – as the self-determination compromise with the Russian Provisional Government, the 3rd Universal – as the response for the fall of the Provisional Government, having been retroactively legitimated by the All-Russian Constituent. Finally, the 4th Universal legally reacted on the fall of the All-Russian Constituent Assembly, the last legitimate Russian parliament, at the beginning of 1918.
право народів на політичне самовизначення, автономія, федерація, Центральна Рада, Тимчасовий уряд, Всеросійські установчі збори, універсали, стаття, people’s right to political self-determination, autonomy, federation, Central Council of Ukraine, Russian Provisional Government, All-Russian Constituent Assembly, Universals of the Central Council of Ukraine
Курінний О. В. Ретроактивне санкціонування політичного самовизначення українського народу легітимними органами влади Росії у 1917 році - на початку 1918 року / Курінний О. В. // Наукові записки НаУКМА : Юридичні науки. - 2016. - Т. 181. - С. 153-157.