Effects of fetal stem cells on life quality of patients with ulcerative colitis

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Demchuk, Mariya
Ivankova, Olena
Klunnyk, Mariya
Matiyashchuk, Iryna
Sych, Nataliia
Sinelnyk, Andriy
Karayev, T.
Shulak, M.
Skalozub, Marina
Sorochynska, Khrystyna
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In this article we briefly summarized on the main characteristic features of ulcerative colitis (UC) and accentuated on reduced life quality among the patients with UC, in particular, effect of clinical manifestations of the disease on everyday life was described in such patients. Unambiguously, the principal direction to better life quality in patients with UC consists in decreasing activity of inflammatory process. Significant aspect in solution of this problem for present day suggests use of fetal stem cells (FSCs) in complex treatment of the patients suffering from UC. Specifically, by virtue of stem cell therapy use, rapid lowering of clinical signs of UC was recorded, patients revealed stabilization of hemoglobin and total protein levels in blood. Changes of such parameters in the CG patients tended to be much slower. Within the whole period under study, we recorded a consistent pattern between decreased evidence of underlying disease manifestation that is coupled with higher life quality among the UC patients. In conformity with IBDQ international questionnaire, describing that bowel symptoms, systemic symptoms, emotional and social function, life quality among UC patients of the MG were increased (51.33% vs. 96.43%), whereas the patients of the CG reported the value 61.16% that was higher only within the range of 86.16%. Administration of suspensions with FCSs for complex therapy in UC patients proved to be one of the ways for refining social and psychological wellbeing of the individuals under study.
fetal stem cells, life quality, ulcerative colitis, article
Effects of fetal stem cells on life quality of patients with ulcerative colitis / M. P. Demchyk, O. V. Ivankova, M. O. Klunnyk, I. G. Matiyashchuk, N. S. Sych, A. A. Sinelnyk, T. V. Karayev, M. M. Shulak, M. V. Skalozub, K. I. Sorochynska // Journal of Stem Cell Research and Medicine. - 2018. - Vol. 3, No. 1. - P. 1-6.