Функційність топоніма Москва в українському поетичному дискурсі

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Браїлко, Юлія
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У статті наведено результати дослідження функційного призначення топоніма Москва в українському поетичному дискурсі від давньої доби до сьогодні. Визначено, що найважливіша його функція – ідеологічна, вона є різновекторною та безпосередньо пов’язана з авторською оцінкою. Конотації власної назви Москва детерміновані інтерлінгвальними чинниками та мають великий діапазон – від максимально меліоративних до максимально пейоративних.
Background. The need to develop a holistic linguistic vision of the functionality of toponyms in the poetic text dictates the study of these units on the basis of broad artistic materials. The purpose of the article is the analysis of the functions of the toponym Moscow in the Ukrainian poetic discourse from the old days till now. Methods. General scientific methods of induction and deduction, descriptive, comparative-semantic methods, methods of contextual analysis, which are traditional for linguistics, have been used in the research. Results. The analyzed artistic material represents the usage of 463 toponyms, but it does not give grounds for speaking about the proper name Moscow as a keyword in the Ukrainian poetic discourse; rather it is one of the dominant toponyms in the work of certain artists – Yar Slavutych, P. Kulish, S. Rudanskyi, D. Pavlychko et al. The toponym Moscow expresses, along with geographical semantics, the presuppositional semantics of another instance in the Ukrainian poetic discourse, which enables the output of functions of this proper name beyond the limits of the traditional nominativelocalization one. The poets explicit the background knowledge about the people, associated with Moscow, historical encyclopedic information, representing asymmetric presupposition of the oeconym. Frequent artistic examples indicate that lexeme Moscow is the recognition of the macrotoponymical (choronymical) seme as a result of metonymy (synecdoche): Moscow = Russia, as well as the actualization of the meanings “Russian power”, “empire”, “imperialism”, “enemy”, “army”. This process is accompanied by the provision of a proper name for evaluative connotations, which can undergo a diametrical change caused by the evolution of the author’s ideological beliefs. Discussion. The toponym Moscow carries out the following basic functions, traditional for propitiates of this category in the Ukrainian poetic discourse: nominative-localized (the actual localization, localization-route, and the function of not strictly limited localization), ideological and characterized ones. The most important function is the ideological one, which does not correlate with the reference features of onym Moscow; it is endowed with multi-verticality and is associated with the author’s assessment, which is determined by interlingual factors. These findings open up the prospect of the study of proper names as artistic ideologemes – organic components of the value system.
онім, топонім, функція, Москва, поетичний дискурс, стаття, onym, toponym, function, Moscow, poetic discourse
Браїлко Ю. Функційність топоніма Москва в українському поетичному дискурсі / Юлія Браїлко // Мова : класичне - модерне - постмодерне : збірник наукових праць. - 2018. - Вип. 4. - С. 5-19.