Стильова норма як різновид мовної норми

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Селігей, Пилип
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У статті розглянуто основні ознаки стильової норми порівняно з іншими мовними нормами. Показано, що для повноцінного функціонування мови її стильовий рівень теж має бути внормований. Наведено міркування стосовно критеріїв стильової норми.
The article examines the nature of a stylistic norm, fixing the use of the determined language element as correct, relevant, exemplary, and commonly used. Selectivity, evaluation, and obligation are important features of a language norm. Unlike other norms of language levels, which are literary, stylistic norms functionally determine speech. Namely, they regulate the use of linguistic units which are natural and appropriate to a certain functional style, provide unity and consistency of a statement, and prevent confusion of styles. It is mentioned that with the help of stylistic norms the author can find out the optimal means to transfer the necessary content. The text written in compliance with stylistic norms is exemplary, processed, and comprehensible. Free use of stylistic norms is a high point of language skills. The stylistic norm is determined as a rule which regulates the appropriateness of the use of language means depending on the speech style. Stylistic norms are less categorical and more liberal in comparison with norms of other levels. They are situation-conditioned and dependent on tonality, communication conditions, and genre requirements. It is shown that bookish styles are differed in variation degree of norms. The art style admits the widest possible variety – from specific word use to the methods of text structure. Official style standards show tight standardization, nonvariation, and the corresponding texts – maximum proximity to the style invariant. The scientific style occupies the intermediate position on this scale. The standard phenomenon inevitably provides the deviation from it – stylistic mistakes, namely breaking of stylistic norms, consisting in the use of not correspondent to the requirements style and purpose of the text. Stylistic mistakes violate the unity of presentation, introduce stylistic diversity, and in great numbers – stylistic inconsistency. As a result, there are obstacles for quick, precise, and unambiguous understanding of the content.
мовна норма, стильова норма, нормування мови, функціональний стиль, standard language, functional style, language norm, stylistic norm, stylistic mistake