Концепт "Чужина" в романтичному дискурсі (на матеріалі творів В. Вордсворта)

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Романишин, Н.
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Статтю присвячено дослідженню художньо-семантичного потенціалу вербальних засобів вираження концепту «Чужина» у поезії Вільяма Вордсворта з урахуванням відповідного культурного, історичного та соціального контексту та розкриттю концептуальних особливостей поетичного ідіостилю у межах певних літературних напрямків.
The article investigates the potential of verbal means that express literary concept FOREIG LAND in William Wordsworth’s poetry. The study takes into account a certain cultural, historic and social context and aims to reveal the conceptual peculiarities of poetic idiostyle within the framework of a definite literary trend. The article outlines the main tendencies to define the notion of literary concept, its relation to other stylistic notions such as literary and verbal image and trope, the regularities of conceptualization and categorization of world in literary work in modern Ukrainian and foreign linguistics. It focuses on the way an author reconstructs and perceives the reality. The analyzed concept FOREIG LAND has been reconstructed according to emotional, evaluative, ethical parameters determined by contemporary geopolitical and national principles of worldview against the background of the whole previous history of Great Britain. In Wordsworth poetic discourse the conceptual opposition NATIVE — FORIGN LAND is realized by a set of traditional nominations which semantics reveals the domination of denotative over emotional meaning. The concept FOREIG LAND is less prone to demonstrate definite negative connotations (longing, loneliness) as it is the case in other lingual cultures. Its specific axiological interpretation, however, constitutes the basis of poem Ruth, where this concept is represented not only as the background of plot and its role in protagonists’ fate but as an existential category which essence lies in the polar opposition of native and alien world in terms of moral, good, evil, loyalty, betrayal, as a belonging to a limited social stratum and ousting out outside its boundaries, conflict between the anticipated welfare outlined by a popular stereotypization of America and tragic reality.
William Wordsworth, English literature, literary concept, image, verbalization, Вільям Вордсворт, англійська література, художній концепт, образ, вербалізація
Романишин, Н. І. Концепт "Чужина" в романтичному дискурсі (на матеріалі творів В. Вордсворта) / Романишин Н. І. // Мова : класичне - модерне - постмодерне : збірник наукових праць. - 2016. - Вип. 2. - С. 380-389.