До 150-річчя від дня народження Георгія Феодосійовича Вороного (1868-1908)

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Митник, Юрій
Кашпіровський, Олексій
Олійник, Богдана
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Статтю присвячено 150-й рiчницi вiд дня народження видатного українського математика Георгiя Феодосiйовича Вороного. Описано його життєвий шлях, основнi математичнi результати i публiкацiї.
The article is devoted to the 150th anniversary of the birth of outstanding Ukrainian mathematician Georgy Feodosiyovych Voronoi who has woldwide recognition. Georgy Voronoi was born on April 28, 1868 in the small town of Zhuravka near Chernihiv. Georgy Voronoi first followed school at Berdyansk and later attended the Pryluky gymnasium from which he graduated in 1885. His first scientific paper was entitled “Decomposition of the polynomials on factors based on the properties of the roots of quadratic equation” published in Elementary Math. J. in Kyiv in 1885. Latter he studied in the University of St Petersburg on the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics. He was awarded a Master’s Degree in 1894 for the dissertation on the algebraic integers associated with the roots of an irreducible cubic equation. Andrey Markov was his supervisor. He worked as math professor at the University of Warsaw and published a number of scientific papers with significant results. He wrote his doctoral thesis on algorithms for continued fractions. The main scientific results of Georgy Voronoi were published in his papers “Sur quelques propriet´ es des formes quadratiques positives´ parfaites” and “Recherches sur les paralleloedres primitifs”. In the last of them Georgy Voronoi introduced mathematical objects that are nowadays called Voronoi diagrams or Voronoi tessellations. Voronoi diagram is a partitioning of a plane into cells based on the distance to points in a specific subset of the plane. Nowadays Voronoi diagrams are one of the main objects of investigation in computational geometry. They are used in robotics, navigation systems, ecology, economic models, architecture, and clothing design, etc. There are many generalizations of Voronoi diagrams. We describe his life path and significant dates and events in his life. We consider also Georgy Voronoi’s main mathematical results and publications.
Георгiй Вороний, дiаграми Вороного, життєвий та творчий шлях, стаття, Georgy Voronoi, Voronoi diagram, life and creations
Митник Ю. В. До 150-річчя від дня народження Георгія Феодосійовича Вороного (1868-1908) / Митник Ю. В., Кашпіровський О. I., Олійник Б. В. // Могилянський математичний журнал : науковий журнал. - 2018. - Т. 1. - С. 3-5.