The Stone Host, Lesia Ukrainka's "Spanish" Play

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Pronkevych, Oleksandr
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The article provides an analysis of the "Spanish code" inscribed in the text of Lesia Ukrainka’s drama Kaminnyi hospodar (The Stone Host). The constituents of the code include: 1) conventions of 17th century Spanish baroque drama, in particular, use of the dialectics of the concepts of dignity and reputation as a driving mechanism for conflict throughout Lesia Ukrainka’s play and transformation within the classical scheme of characters suggested by Lope de Vega and his followers; 2) stereotypes of "Spanishness" through which the playwright produced a hetero- image of Spain. Lesia Ukrainka’s variant of the famous legend of Don Juan is a sophisticated modernist drama. The "Spanish code" serves as a prism through which the playwright examines the world. Lesia Ukrainka created an astonishing modernist tragicomedy of dishonesty, full of the spirit of uncertainty.
Lesia Ukrainka, Spanish code, conventions of 17th century Spanish baroque drama, stereotypes of "Spanishness", intertextuality, imagology, article
Pronkevych O. The Stone Host, Lesia Ukrainka's "Spanish" Play / Oleksandr Pronkevich // Kyiv-Mohyla Humanities Journal. - 2021. - № 8. - P. 16-32. -