Detection of biogenic polyamines in blood of patients with breast cancer

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Prylutskyi, Maksym
Bilko, Nadiia
Starodub, Nickolaj
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The main threat of cancer diseases is their spreading throughout the population of many countries of the world and the complexity of their diagnostics at the early stages. Because of that, search and development of the latest diagnostic methods for oncological diseases which would allow them to be diagnosed more precisely and rapidly is going on. The objective of the study was developing a method for qualitative and quantitative analysis of polyamines as potential tumour markers in blood serum of patients with breast cancer using a newly created immune biosensor based on the effect of surface plasmon resonance (SPR). In the process of the study we used basics of immune analysis, methods of biosensor analysis with preliminary modification of biosensor analytical surface with certain reagents, such as protein A and BSA, for better orientation of the sensitive layer made from antibodies. During the study 30 samples of blood serum were analyzed, 21 of which were obtained from the patients with breast cancer and 9 samples were normal, taken from healthy people and used as controls. Analysis of blood serum samples was made, using previously created calibration curve, based on polyamine solutions in concentrations from 5 ng/mL to 1 µg/mL. It allowed determination of the presence of polyamines in blood samples and approximate concentration of polyamines comparing resonance angle shift in calibration curve and blood samples. According to the obtained results, the concentration of polyamines exceeded their physiological levels and was in the range of 21.3–125.1 ng/mL. The proposed approach allows one to determine the presence and approximate concentrations of polyamines in range from 5 ng/mL to 1 µg/mL in samples of blood serum of patients with breast cancer which correlates with tumour size and the age of the patients.
surface plasmon resonance, biosensors, spermine, tumour markers, transducer, sensogram, article
Prylutskyi M. P. Detection of biogenic polyamines in blood of patients with breast cancer [electronic resource] / Prylutskyi M. P., Bilko N. M., Starodub N. F. // Regulatory Mechanisms in Biosystems. - 2019. - Vol. 10, Issue 2. - P. 257-263. - DOI: 10.15421/021939