Прихід жінки в політику: досвід Великобританії та українські реалії

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Красноголов, В.
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Great Britain, particularly it is analyzed direct reasons of women's non-participation in political life, among them there are traditional persuasion of men and women that politics is a men business and women candidatures will only prevent election; absolute lack of political parties interest in promotion women candidatures on election; absence of an organization which would inform women about influence of the parliament on their every day life and how they can propose their candidature on local elections. There are also proposed three way of solving the problem of gender misbalance in political sphere in Great Britain: establishment of such organization, Emily list, and quotas. The attempt to analyze Ukrainian realities is also done with purpose of working out concrete recommendations of how to implement parity democracy in the electoral process in Ukraine.
жінка, політика, Великобританія, українські реалії
Красноголов В. О. Прихід жінки в політику: досвід Великобританії та українські реалії / В. О. Красноголов // Наукові записки НаУКМА : Спеціальний випуск. - 2001. - Т. 19, ч. 2. - C. 325-330.