Mediation in Ukraine: Challenges of Peace and War Draft: [preprint]

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Kyselova, Tatiana
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The 2013 civil unrest in Kyiv, annexation of Crimea to Russia and subsequent armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine have unleashed an unprecedented fusion of deeply ingrained conflicts – from a geopolitical struggle between the world super-powers to inter-ethnic tensions within the region. In 2013 Ukraine became yet another divided society on our planet. Irrespective of the outcome of the current crisis, Ukraine and the whole region is in urgent need of healing and reconciliation. Mediation, as a dispute resolution mechanism is capable of offering a path to such reconciliation; it is internationally recognized as a “highly promising instrument to broker peace that can help to disentangle the knot of interests and needs in a structured and efficient way”.1 Since the beginning of the crisis international donors and international organizations working in the area of peacebuilding offered an immediate support to mediation and dialogue initiatives at various levels of the society.
annexation of Crimea, conflict, Eastern Ukraine, article