Про портрети мовних особистостей в сучасній Україні

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Труб, Володимир
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Статтю присвячено проблемі ідентифікації типу української мовної особистості через аналіз її мовної компетенції, яка може суттєво варіювати під впливом таких чинників, як явище інтерференції в ситуації білінгвізму, співіснування різних мовних регістрів, які забезпечують повноцінне функціонування природної мови, а також явище глобалізації, яке викликає значне поширення англіцизмів в українській мові.
The article deals with the problem of identification of types of Ukrainian linguistic personalities by means of analysis of the type of their linguistic competence. The disposition to one or another type of speech diagnoses correspondent type of linguistic personality. In optimal cases the child since the early childhood is oriented to the gradual mastering of the literary form of its native language. But unfortunately such cases are not general. One of the factors preventing from general spreading of such ideal situations is an 230 interferent dominant influence of Russian which results in different types of deviations from the irreproachable speaking in Ukrainian. One of the major types of such deviations is the so called Ukrainian-Russian surjyk — the mixed type of colloquial speech that testifies the poorly educated speakers with native or first Ukrainian. On the other hand the opposite type of speech has lately appeared — the Russian-Ukrainian surjyk that testifies Russian speaking personalities who try to accommodate their speech to communication with Ukrainian speaking listeners. The valuable functioning of language is normally provided with coexistence of different language registers like spoken language, professional slang or a young peoples’ jargon. The division into registers usually prescribes that the same concept can have various designations in each register. Such designations are used as a syncretic means to express two types of meanings: the denotative meaning referring to some object, person or situation and another special meaning that reflects the specific character of given register. The irreproachable speaking of Ukrainian obliges the speaker to use different registers in dependence of different kinds of communicative situation. Nowadays the phenomenon of globalization stimulated the wide expansion of Anglicisms in the vocabulary of highly educated Ukrainian speakers/ These new words force out their adequate Ukrainian equivalents and it is doubtful that this new tendency should promote the normal functioning of Ukrainian as well as consolidation of Ukrainian society.
linguistic personality, linguistic competence, interference, Ukrainian-Russian surzhyk, Russian-Ukrainian surzhyk, professional slang, young people’s slang, globalization
Труб, В. М. Про портрети мовних особистостей в сучасній Україні / Труб В. М. // Мова : класичне - модерне - постмодерне : збірник наукових праць. - 2016. - Вип. 2. - С. 216-230.