Президентські вибори 1999 року в Україні: просторовий аналіз

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Хініч, М.
Хмелько, В.
Ордешук, П.
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The article is devoted to a metric multidimensional spatial analysis of the 1999 Ukrainian presidential election. Using data from a nation-wide pre-election poll, we estimate the spatial positions of the eight leading candidates along with respondent ideal points in that same space. Our conclusions are that although we see the same substantive issues reflected in these estimates as in the 1998 parliamentary contests (nationalism and attitudes toward market reform), and although, again as in 1998, both the Western and Eastern halves of the country agree largely in their perceptions of the candidates' relative positions (with the usual and expected biases in overall preferences), the spatial recovery here seems considerably less «stable» than in 1998. We also find differences in candidate relative positions that seem inexplicable in terms of the substantive issues that dominated the 1998 contests. We attribute these differences to the fact that in 1999, respondents relied to a far greater extent than they did in 1998 when evaluating the alternatives before them on factors other than «spatial issues» — notably, the idiosyncratic characteristics of the candidates.
просторовий аналіз, президентські вибори 1999 рік, Україна, загальнонаціональне передвиборне опитуванння, парламентські вибори 1998 року, влада, правління, multidimensional spatial analysis, the 1999 Ukrainian presidential election
Хініч М. Президентські вибори 1999 року в Україні : просторовий аналіз / В. Хмелько, П. Ордешук. - К. : Видавничий дім "КМ Академія", 2001 // Наукові записки НаУКМА. Том 19: Соціологічні науки. - С. 4-15.