Oleksandr Lototskyi and Ukrainian Autocephaly

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Zakharchenko, Petro
Matseliukh, Ivanna
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This article analyses the ideas and works of Oleksandr Lototskyi in connection with the autocephaly of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Lototskyi was a prominent scholar and politician during the Ukrainian revolution of 1917–1919. The chronology of Lototskyi’s beliefs as they developed, ranging from the support of the autonomy of the Church to the idea of autocephaly is reviewed in detail against the background of historical events. Lototskyi’s representations on behalf of the state at the All-Ukrainian Orthodox Church Sobor in November 1918 in support of Church independence showcased his convictions. The idea was incorporated by the Directory of the UNR into the Law "On the Highest Church Government of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church". The article shows that the paradigm of autocephaly, as envisioned by Lototskyi and exemplified through his actions whilst Minister of Confessions, became the cornerstone of modern Ukrainian philosophy in favor of religious independence.
autocephaly, Oleksandr Lototskyi, Orthodoxy, Ukraine, Ukrainian revolution, law, history, article
Zakharchenko P. Oleksandr Lototskyi and Ukrainian Autocephaly [electronic resource] / Petro Zakharchenko, Ivanna Matseliukh // Kyiv-Mohyla Humanities Journal. - 2019. - Issue 6. - P. 149-160. - https://doi.org/10.18523/kmhj189059.2019-6.149-160