Introducing real-time boundless data with websockets

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Діденко, Віра
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Loading and displaying a large data set with minimal delay has always been a challenging task. With the increase of data set size, the loading time before the data is displayed grows and the user experience suffers. In this research work the aim is to load and display a large data set within the time limit required for the user to perceive the response as instant and to provide smooth navigation and a pleasant user experience. Based on multiple research the required response time limit was determined to be 0.1 second. Based on this time constraint the time that can be spent for each process was calculated and after an empirical research the data transfer method for loading the data and keeping it real-time was chosen to be WebSockets. With WebSockets as the data transfer technology the large data set was loaded and displayed on a sample data table under 100 milliseconds and a smooth user experience was achieved.
real-time, boundless data, websockets, бакалаврська робота