Методи навчання структури баєсівської мережі

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Салій, Анна
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Розроблено генетичний алгоритм для навчання структури баєсівської мережі з повністю спостережуваного набору даних, який здійснює пошук по простору графа і використовує оператори мутації та кросовера. Цей алгоритм здійснює пошук по простору спрямованих ациклічних графів.
Sometimes in practice it is necessary to calculate the probability of an uncertain cause, taking into account some observed evidence. For example, we would like to know the probability of a particular disease when we observe the patient’s symptoms. Such problems are often complex with many interrelated variables. There may be many symptoms and even more potential causes. In practice, it is usually possible to obtain only the inverse conditional probability, the probability of evidence giving the cause, the probability of observing the symptoms if the patient has the disease. Intelligent systems must think about their environment. For example, a robot needs to know about the possible outcomes of its actions, and the system of medical experts needs to know what causes what consequences. Intelligent systems began to use probabilistic methods to deal with the uncertainty of the real world. Instead of building a special system of probabilistic reasoning for each new program, we would like a common framework that would allow probabilistic reasoning in any new program without restoring everything from scratch. This justifies the relevance of the developed genetic algorithm. Bayesian networks, which first appeared in the work of Judas Pearl and his colleagues in the late 1980s, offer just such an independent basis for plausible reasoning. This article presents the genetic algorithm for learning the structure of the Bayesian network that searches the space of the graph, uses mutation and crossover operators. The algorithm can be used as a quick way to learn the structure of a Bayesian network with as few constraints as possible. learn the structure of a Bayesian network with as few constraints as possible.
баєсівська мережа, генетичний алгоритм, оператори мутації та кросовера, ациклічні графи, стаття, Bayesian network, genetic algorithms, mutation and crossover operators, acyclic graphs, article
Салій А.С. Методи навчання структури баєсівської мережі / Салій А. С. // Наукові записки НаУКМА. Комп'ютерні науки. - 2021. - Т. 4. - С. 56-59. - https://doi.org/10.18523/2617-3808.2021.4.56-59