Побудова ієрархічної багатовимірної моделі соціального капіталу і її перевірка на даних щодо України та Польщі

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Новик, Т.
Винницький, Михайло
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Notwithstanding the frequency with which the concept of social capital is found in the social science literature, a consensual definition of this term – not to mention its operationalization – does not exist. This paper represents an attempt to conceptualize the social capital construct in a multi-factor model using data from several waves of ESS from Ukraine and Poland. Using multi-dimensional modelling, hierarchical models of social capital are presented for Ukraine and Poland in three dimensions: bridging social capital, bonding social capital, and a complex model for the construct. Although the components of social capital in these three dimensions for the two countries were found to be similar, the linkage between construct components was contingent. In the two researched country datasets, the weight of trust, social ties, civic activism, and religious activism factors were found to vary, and this suggests that social capital is not to be measured as an absolute quantity, but rather as a construct for which the relationship between components is important. In Ukraine, trust was found to be the central component of the model with the highest factor loading on the social capital construct, and correlated to the three others, but with minimal correlation between the three lower-level factors. In Poland, the dominant factor was informal social ties, and was strongly correlated to civic activity and trust, but surprisingly, no link was found between religious activism and the other components of social capital in the Polish 2012 data. Obtained results are applicable to longitudinal, cross-cultural, and interregional research, and also as a means of determining the dominant (bridging or bonding) social capital type.
соціальний капітал, зв’язуючий, об’єднуючий, ієрархічна багатовимірна модель, довіра, соціальні зв’язки, релігійна активність, social capital, bridging, bonding, hierarchical, multidimensional model, trust, social ties, religious activism