Прецедентність як ознака мовного ладшафту Києва

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Руда, Олена
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Вербальні й невербальні знаки київського міського простору формують когнітивну базу усіх городян, стають прецедентними феноменами, впізнавання яких визначає входження до мовно-культурної спільноти. Глобалізаційні тенденції, бурхливі соціальні й політичні процеси в країні, а також зміна поколінь і, відповідно, поява нових соціокультурних груп є факторами стрімкого оновлення мовного обличчя Києва.
The linguistic landscape of Kyiv, as any other city with its own linguistic and cultural history, has precedence — the function of keeping widely known and (or) non-standard cognitions, which, on the one hand, forms the cultural and linguistic competence of its inhabitants, and on the other is the product of competence. In the urban linguistic landscape, precedent names are primarily urbanonyms — the official and unofficial toponyms, ergonyms, urban legends, 174 jokes, and so on. These components of the city’s language are, of course, reflective of the age, the social and the professional differentiation of the population, the language etiquette, and can become memes for a period of time. The analysis of precedence of the linguistic landscape of Kyiv is based on a survey of its residents — those who have been living in the city since birth, as well as the so-called «new Kyivites’ — the respondents who arrived in Kyiv to study or work. The methods used for collecting the material were interviews and associative experiment. The material for the study was also obtained by analysing the comments of social network users. The wide range of the researched precedent names are urbanonims which went from being official names of locations to being unofficial because of their ideological tint. This group is comprised of the names of locations familiar to Kyiv residents — shops, cafes, entertainment facilities, the use of which depends solely on the length the time you have spent in the city. Another group of precedent names are ergonyms that refer to many shops, cafes, restaurants, hotels, whose efficiency in attracting the customers’ attention greatly depends on their recognisability. The most interesting thing to examine in an urban linguistic landscape is an informal system of conversational household names of the city’s locations. The existence of precedent phenomena is limited by the duration of their reception and reinterpretation. Language units get the «energy» of precedence during their use in discourse. Precedent phenomena need «technical support», especially from the media, which ensures their total maximum reception by a wide range of consumers.
Urban Linguistics, linguistic landscape, ergonym, precedential phenomena, урбанолінгвістика, мовний ландшафт, прецедентний феномен, ергонім, мовна ситуація
Руда О. Г. Прецедентність як ознака мовного ладшафту Києва / Руда О. Г. // Мова : класичне - модерне - постмодерне : збірник наукових праць. - 2016. - Вип. 2. - С. 163-174.