Структура професійної компетентності майбутнього психолога: теоретичний зарубіжний досвід

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Левинська, І.
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Статтю присвячено аналізу підходів до структури професійної компетентності в зарубіжних психолого-педагогічних дослідженнях. На основі провідних європейських та американських джерел зроблено спробу розкрити зміст структури професійної компетентності майбутнього психолога.
The article analyzes the approaches to the structure of professional competence in foreign psychological and pedagogical research. Our research is based on leading European and American sources which attempt to reveal the contents of the structure of professional competence of future psychologists. The term “portfolio” has been used in the world teaching science from the 1980s of the twentieth century. Term “portfolio” is understood as a set of specific activities, tasks, documents by a particular author who presents his/her achievements. The portfolio is “the expert folder” or “the expert box”. According to some researchers, a student portfolio is a systematic collection of student work and related material that depicts the student’s activities, accomplishments, and achievements in one or more subjects. The collection should include evidence of the student’s reflection and self-evaluation, guidelines for selecting the portfolio contents, and criteria for judging the quality of the work. The goal is to help students assemble portfolios that illustrate their talents, represent their writing capabilities, and tell their stories of school achievement. The key issues of most researchers are the content and the structure of the portfolio, the methods of its creation, and the formation of professional qualities of psychologists that will enable the idea of the level of professional competence, individual progress, strengths and weaknesses of a specialist. Also, additional aspects of portfolio tools require detailed consideration of some features of creating a portfolio. For example, it will be an individual influence on creating and using portfolio, tools of availability, monitoring schemes of the portfolio program. The process and product portfolios represent the two major types of portfolios. A process portfolio documents the stages of learning and provides a progressive record of student growth. A product portfolio demonstrates mastery of a learning task or a set of learning objectives and contains only the best work. Teachers use process portfolio to help students identify learning goals, documents progress over time, and demonstrate learning mastery. In general, teachers prefer to use process portfolios because they are ideal for documenting the stages that students go through as they learn and progress.
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Левинська І. Б. Структура професійної компетентності майбутнього психолога : теоретичний зарубіжний досвід / Левинська І. Б. // Наукові записки НаУКМА : Педагогічні, психологічні науки та соціальна робота. - 2016. - Т. 188. - С. 27-32.