Відмінні ознаки прав людини третього покоління

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Іванків, Ірина
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У статті розкрито основні відмінні ознаки прав людини третього покоління на прикладі права на мир, права на безпечне навколишнє середовище та права на зрівноважений розвиток. Ці права перебувають у процесі становлення, тому їх каталог, суб’єкт та ключові ознаки є дискусійними. Незважаючи на формальну невизначеність багатьох компонентів, права третього покоління мають велике значення для ефективного захисту прав першого та другого поколінь.
The article considers the main distinguishing characteristics of the third-generation human rights. These characteristics are based on the right to peace, the right to safe environment, and the right to sustainable development. The article is based on wide research of the third-generation human rights, which are viewed as the rights of humanity. Based on the analysis provided in the article, the following distinguishing characteristics are suggested for the third-generation rights: co-dependence with human rights of the first and second generations; impossibility of a real guarantee of the third-generation rights for a person without guaranteeing them for everyone; extraterritoriality; belonging of the third-generation rights to different generations of humanity. The third-generation rights are in the process of development. Therefore their catalogue, subject, and key characteristics are debatable. The rights of this generation are based on the values that require participation and cooperation of all individuals and peoples, because in the modern community alienated existence is practically impossible. One of the most important issues regarding the third-generation human rights is a question of their subject. Humanity is the only subject that has the capacity to fulfill the requirements of the third-generation human rights. The idea of humanity as a subject of human rights is relatively new in the legal doctrine. Its introduction to the human rights discourse within the framework of the third-generation human rights could be useful for better understanding, and hence, protection of both individual rights and freedoms, as well as widely understood common good. The uncertainty in the doctrine gives a chance to take into consideration every critical argument and present a system of new third-generation rights, which is needed for the evolution of the human rights doctrine. Despite the formal uncertainty of many components, the third-generation rights are essential for the effective protection of rights of the first and the second generations.
права людини, права третього покоління, права людства, право на мир, право на безпечне навколишнє середовище, право на зрівноважений розвиток, стаття, human rights, the third-generation human rights, rights of humanity, right to peace, the right to safe environment, right to sustainable development
Іванків І. Б. Відмінні ознаки прав людини третього покоління / Іванків І. Б. // Наукові записки НаУКМА : Юридичні науки. - 2016. - Т. 181. - С. 54-57.