Психологічний аспект відповідального батьківства родин майбутніх першокласників

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Макаренко, О.М.
Голубєва, Марія
Андрейчева, А.
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У статті розкрито поняття батьківства в його психологічному аспекті, проаналізовано важливість відповідального підходу та психологічної готовності батьків під час вступу їхньої дитини в перший клас.
The article deals with the concept of fatherhood in its psychological aspect, analyzes the importance of a responsible approach and psychological readiness of parents during their child’s entry to the first grade. It is marked in the main thesis of the Government national programme "Education" and Government programme "Teacher" that providing moral, intellectual, and psychological readiness of all citizens to the obtaining of education, providing of the appropriate conditions for studies and education of physically and mentally healthy person in each educational establishment are the tasks of primary importance. Almost every person becomes a father or a mother, and the quality of education, and family interaction, depends on the state of paternity. With appearance of a child in a family, a man and a woman consciously or unconsciously obtain a new role of being parents. The biological ability to be a father or a mother does not always coincide with psychological readiness to this role. A family is the first institute of socialization of any child. Namely, family education is the most natural one and it plays a determining role in development and formation of a personality. A permanent pressure is put on young parents from the side of authoritative sources: how it is necessary to look after the child and how it is needed to educate him or her. Choosing the style of co-operating with the child, parents are brought in the situation of uncertainty and can feel lack of confidence, sense of guilt, etc. It emphasizes a necessity in psychological accompaniment of a family itself and the family education, especially during a new age-related period for a child (mid childhood). Going out from the second strategy of realization of paternity, which is more perspective, in our opinion, paternity – as new possibilities to realize himself or herself, we offer a new approach of entering a school by a child, which carries a psychological preparation and a responsible approach of parents to the education of a child during the first form. The basic tasks of this approach will be psychological accompaniment of parents of the first-form pupils, through education on training courses.
батьківство, психологічна готовність батьків, молодший шкільний вік, першокласник, адаптація, психологічний супровід, стаття, parenting, psychological readiness of parents, primary school age, first grader, adaptation, psychological support
Макаренко О. М. Психологічний аспект відповідального батьківства родин майбутніх першокласників / Макаренко О. М., Голубєва М. О., Андрейчева А. О. // Наукові записки НаУКМА : Педагогічні, психологічні науки та соціальна робота. - 2016. - Т. 188. - С. 32-36.