Architectural approach in Software development. Research and technology stack decision

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Кузьменко, Дмитро
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The topic of architectural approach in software engineering is chosen for the research in this work. The topic is undoubtedly relevant at the moment. The further we progress technologically, the more requirements are set for new projects centered around the software. Also, more projects are being created, more products are being designed, and more diversified approaches can be assessed and chosen for many different tasks. Domain research and technology stack decisions do play a vital role in the potential risk avoidance and success of the project. This work will comprise of different segments, such as the theoretical part of software development architectural approach - architectural patterns, different methodologies to the development itself, server and client sides of the application as necessary parts of any product, core solutions to the set tasks, and solutions to continuous integration and delivery - are to be explored, assessed, compared and explained; the practical part - in which the team project is evaluated, the development process inside the team is shown, and the general structure of the project, as well as the decision per every point mentioned in the theoretical part, is explained; the demo part - involves demonstration snapshots
SDLC Methodologies, Product management, Backend backbone, FrontEnd backbone, architectural patterns, bachelor's thesis