Кейс-менеджмент у роботі з внутрішньо переміщеними особами

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Савчук, Олена
Галай, А.
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У статті актуалізовано та обґрунтовано необхідність фахової підтримки внутрішньо переміщених осіб з використанням методу кейс-менеджменту. Представлено характеристики основних моделей кейс-менеджменту, описано основні стратегії роботи та особливості цільової групи.
The paper actualizes and emphasizes the necessity of professional support for internally displaced persons with the use of case management. The authors present characteristics of the main case management models: Assertive Community Treatment Model, Intensive Case Management, Clinical Case Management, Strengths-Based Case Management, and Universal Brokerage model. They describe the main strategies and features of the target group. These models could be used with different types of clients as well as internally displaced persons. Working with internally displaced persons is possible in different models, but the most important application will be focused on the strengths-based model and universal brokerage case management. As noted above, the choice of models must be tailored to suit the needs of the target group. The authors focus on the fact that case management provides comprehensive assistance for the client and activation of his or her internal resources. Meeting the needs of internally displaced persons is also the main value of this method. Case managers provide individual support to internally displaced persons. They use different strategies during their work, as well as provide relevant information and humanitarian assistance to internally displaced people. In addition, case management includes helping clients to integrate into the community, and in the event of termination of the conflict on the territory of residence, will help prepare the internally displaced people to return. In addition, the strategy of the case manager may increase the capacity and provision of services; create and promote effective and humane operation of services and promote the development and improvement of social policy. Also case manager can be a mediator between the client and the host community.
внутрішньо переміщені особи, кейс-менеджмент, метод соціальної роботи, моделі кейс-менеджменту, потреби, стратегії, internally displaced persons, case management, method of social work, models of case management, needs, strategies
Савчук Олена Миколаївна. Кейс-менеджмент у роботі з внутрішньо переміщеними особами / Савчук О. М., Галай А. О. // Наукові записки НаУКМА : Педагогічні, психологічні науки та соціальна робота. - 2016. - Т. 188. - С. 70-74.