3rd Annual Research Conference "Theory and Practice of System Dynamics in Finance"

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    A Dynamic Analysis of the key destabilizing factors on the Ukrainian labor market. Wage management
    (2020) Donkohlova, Tetiana; Shportyuk, Volodymyr
    The state of the labor market is one of the socio-economic parameters that have a significant effect on the development and competitiveness level of the national economy. Labor market plays an important role in ensuring the success of market reforms, especially in the emerging economies such as Ukraine. Moreover, current state of the Ukrainian labor market is also affected by complex political and economic situation and may be generally characterized by a continuous recession and financial imbalances. In spite of a sufficiently wide range of studies dedicated to the analysis of the Ukrainian labor market stability, most papers are more focused just on the statistical analysis and general overview of the market trends. However, dynamic nature of both labor market itself and socio-economic stability of Ukraine requires conducting more comprehensive scientific researches, in particular by applying System Dynamics approach.
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    System dynamics investigation of wage-price spiral
    (2020) Dubrovna, Natalia; Kyrylych, Volodymyr
    The main idea of this work is to outline the wage-price spiral. A wage-price spiral is caused by the effect of supply and demand on aggregate prices. The value of the workers` services is derived from the value of the products they help to create. This is the doctrine and the meaning of productivity.
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    Application of system dynamics in the field of management consulting and strategic management
    (2020) Galytska, Eleonora; Primierova, Olena
    Computer technologies are currently one of the most important aspects of economic and mathematical modeling. The high rates of their development have now led to the emergence of many software tools that allow to create computer models of socio-economic processes. With a sufficiently deep knowledge of the behavior of a real system and the correct presentation of the initial information, simulation models are characterized by a greater proximity to the real system than analytical and numerical models. With the help of simulation modeling and the corresponding modern software tools, it is possible to create even those models that cannot be formulated using traditional methods. In addition, simulation allows to create models of those systems with which experiments in real life are impossible.
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    Factors of growing shadow economy in Ukraine, policies to reduce it
    (2020) Hlushchenko, Viktoriia; Klimchenko, Vladyslav
    Object of this investigation is a growing dynamic of the shadow economy in Ukraine from 2005 to 2018.
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    Path dependence in sovereign debt modelling
    (2020) Hryhoriev, Hennadii
    Main purpose of this research is to implement one of the basic dynamic concepts - time path dependence, into sovereign debt sphere of analysis with the elaborating the appropriate model using the continuous dynamic model. One of the main questions, we are trying to answer is: "Is sovereign debt dynamic equilibrium (in Ukraine) stable, unstable or moving around?".