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    Facial recognition technologies and their influence on human rights: international and comparative law aspects
    (2022) Авдєєва, Тетяна; Антонович, Мирослава
    The purpose of the thesis implies outlining the applicable legal rules regulating the biometric surveillance applied by the State for the defence and security aims, and conducting the human rights compliance of current policies in the FRT.
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    Legal regulation of withdrawal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from the European Union and the European Atomic Energy Community
    (2022) Біленко, Вікторія; Петров, Роман
    The purpose of this study is to understand how each stage of Brexit is regulated and what actions and legislative acts had to be adopted to ensure the legitimacy of it. We further aim to analyse and address legal issues related to different concepts that constitute elements of the withdrawal procedure and appropriate interpretation.
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    Обіцянки держав зроблені через соціальні медіа як односторонні акти
    (2022) Хоменко, Валентина; Коваль, Дмитро
    There is the global trend among politicians all over the world, to make promises through social media to reach a larger audience. While recently Twitter, Facebook and Telegram were mainly used for entertainment and informal communication, now they are actively applied by state authorities for professional purposes. Almost all politicians of democratic States open-handedly promise to provide economic assistance to the developing States, supply military equipment to Ukraine, impose sanctions on Russia and limit greenhouse gasses emissions. Nevertheless, the majority of these promises remain unperformed. The question that arises regarding this situation is whether the doctrine of unilateral declaration applies to the promises of State officials made through the social media platforms and how those rules could be implemented. The aim of this work is to provide an answer to that question.
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    Counterclaims in international investment arвitration: а step towards balance of interests
    (2022) Кічігіна, Неллі; Берлач, Наталія
    The purpose of the thesis is to analyse the root causes of the asymmetric nature of investor-state arbitration and how it is reflected in the international law instruments of investment protection, as well as the prospects of imposing obligations on investors, especially in the human rights and environment sectors. The ultimate goal is to present a mechanism of counterclaims as a way to improve the imbalances of the investor-state arbitration, as well as to avoid the regulatory chill effect on the host states.
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    Врегулювання спору за участю судді в Україні
    (2022) Нурищенко, Роман; Ханик-Посполітак, Роксолана
    Метою роботи є проаналізувати теоретичні, законодавчі та практичні підходи щодо інституту права врегулювання спору за участю судді.