Verbal indicators of linguistic and cultural identity (personal pronouns as the example)

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Yasakova, N.
Kharchenko, S.
Shynkaruk, V.
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The purpose of this article is to shed light on the peculiarities of using personal pronouns as expressions of cultural information in the communicative act and as special markers of individualization and self- identification. The methodological basis of the study is the activity approach, in which culture is interpreted as a holistic system of different forms of human activity, i.e. culture connects society with the individual; it is a way of its entry into social life, a way of existence of a social group in interaction with nature, other social groups, which covers in particular, ethno-cultural stereotypes. The study of language, reflecting universal and ethno-specific ways of categorizing and conceptualizing the world, the history and modern existence of its speakers, is one of the most effective ways of studying cultural phenomena. The basis of the research strategy was the cultural-semiotic method, the method of semantic- differential scales and the systematic approach. Therefore, studying the phenomena of culture and the phenomena of language in the linguistic-cultural paradigm will help to deepen the understanding of the mental code of Ukrainians. The semantics and pragmatics of personal pronouns in a communicative act at the linguistic-mental level is a fragment of the Ukrainian linguistic picture of the world. The use of personal pronouns as special markers of individualization and self-identification is conditioned by the mental identity of Ukrainians and is one of the many elements of the identity code of ethnos information that depends on the specifics of the national world perception.
linguistic-cultural identity, verbal indicator, communicative act, personal pronoun, communicative act, article
Yasakova N. Y. Verbal indicators of linguistic and cultural identity (personal pronouns as the example) [electronic resource] / Yasakova N. Y., Kharchenko S. V., Shynkaruk V. D. // Cogito : multidisciplinary research journal. - 2019. - Vol. 11, Issue 4. - P. 201-214.