Методи роботи з 3D-моделями у вебзастосунках

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Фарина, Олександр
Корнійчук, Максим
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У статті проаналізовано наявні підходи та способи відображення 3D-моделей у браузері, накладання текстури на модель, а також методи створення сучасної javascript-бібліотеки, яку можна інтегрувати в будь-який вебзастосунок. Програмна частина, описана в цій роботі, являє собою фонтенд-частини для онлайн-сервісу примірювання одягу на 3D-моделях у браузері, глобальним результатом якої буде тестова версія цього сервісу.
This paper reviews methods of rendering 3d models in modern web-browsers, texture mapping for the model and methods of creating and integrating a javascript-library into a modern web-application. The result of this paper, is a web-application for an online service to view 3d models of clothes on a 3d model of a human in a web-browser and a demonstration of the usage of the library. Every day, many people shop online. There are online stores for this. You can easily order any product you need from them. However, there is a problem with products for which the size or appearance of the product is important, namely clothing. When buying clothes online, the buyer is often not sure if a certain thing will suit him, because there is no way to look at clothes with other clothes. For example, the buyer orders a T-shirt or pants, but he is not sure whether the combination will be successful or not. The purpose of the work is to solve this problem, namely, to give customers the opportunity to view a combination of different pieces of clothing (T-shirts and pants) on a 3-d mannequin. Currently, there are many javascript libraries for displaying 3D graphics in a web browser. However, most of them require some knowledge in the field of 3-d visualization, namely: formats of 3-d models; cartesian coordinates in three-dimensional space; texture maps and materials; lighting; cameras and field of view. Although most libraries (detailed analysis and comparison in the next section) do not require complete and in-depth knowledge in this area, some things may not be obvious. Because of this, trivial problems can take a lot of time that could go into developing your own product. As it is shown that there are several scenarios where this technology would be useful, it has been decided to create a javascript library so that this code could be reused in various projects, in one way or another related to the technology of 3D visualization of clothing. Also, creating a library will allow you to divide the code of your own project into different parts, or speed up development and reduce the number of errors during the development, testing and deployment of the project.
3D-моделі у браузері, накладання текстур, javascript-бібліотека, примірювання одягу в браузері, стаття, 3d models in web-browsers, texture mapping, javascript-library, clothes fitting in web-browsers
Фарина О. М. Методи роботи з 3D-моделями у вебзастосунках / Фарина О. М., Корнійчук М. А. // Наукові записки НаУКМА. Комп'ютерні науки. - 2020. - Т. 3. - С. 93-96.