Участь Л. М. Славіна в діяльності Львівської філії Інституту археології Академії наук УРСР

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Черкаська, Д.
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У статті розглянуто роль Л. М. Славіна як директора Інституту археології АН УРСР та вченого-антикознавця у створенні та подальшій діяльності Львівської філії Інституту археології в період з 1940 по 1946 рр.
After the annexation of Western Ukraine to the USSR, there was a problem with including of Galician scientific organizations to the Soviet system of scientific institutions. Lviv, as the largest city of Western Ukraine, was a well-known research center in Europe at that time. Active archaeological researches were primarily conducted by Taras Shevchenko Scientific Society. Moreover, the Department of Archaeology was considered a part of Lviv University of Jan Kazimierz in Lviv in 1905, but after the war it was included in the Department of Ancient History. The Department of Archaeology at Taras Shevchenko State University of Kyiv was created by the efforts L. Slavin only in 1944, but in historiography it is still called the first department of archaeology in Soviet Ukraine. After the Soviet state encroachment, all the spheres of life had to be reformed according to the Soviet ideological system. Fundamental changes occurred in the academic life and the educational system, which served as strongholds of planting ideological doctrines of Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist ideas. In 1940, when Lazarus Slavin headed the Institute of Archaeology, the Lviv department of the Institute of Archaeology was established, which actually was the successor of Shevchenko Scientific Society. Markiyan Smishko, who researched the Slavs, became its Head. Employees of the Lviv department became well-known archaeologists: Stefan Krukovskiy, Yaroslav Pasternak, Kazimierz Majewski, and others. Since the department founding, it cooperated with the Kyiv Institute of Archaeology. Scientists from Lviv took part in expeditions and conferences organized by the Institute of Archaeology under the direction of L. Slavin. Unfortunately, the inclusion of the Lviv archaeological school was interrupted by the war, and many archaeologists from Lviv emigrated after the war, but the contacts with the Institute of Archaeology and personally L. Slavin were not interrupted.
історія археології, археологія у Львові, Львівська філія Інституту археології АН УРСР, Л. М. Славін, history of archaeology, archaeology in Lviv, Lviv department of the Institute of Archaeology of the Academy of Sciences USSR, Lasarus Slavin
Черкаська Д. В. Участь Л. М. Славіна в діяльності Львівської філії Інституту археології Академії наук УРСР / Черкаська Д. В. // Магістеріум. - 2017. - Вип. 67 : Археологічні студії. - С. 106-109.