Types of assignments recommended during RDM practice training for PhD students in Ukraine

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Chukanova, Svitlana
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RDM training can be performed with the use of different approaches and with the involvement of open resources and courses. The most known platforms for RDM training are Research Data MANTRA – a free online course developed by the University of Edinburgh; DataONE Education Modules; FOSTER. By looking closely at these curriculums one can observe the common elements – the disciplines are aimed to train abilities in supporting research data lifecycle stages. The main topics are oriented to explain what research data is, how to organize it, how to process it, and reuse it. There are a lot of useful resources developed by the librarians for researchers and for colleagues - librarians. Among professional library training resources, I can name MOOCS on RDM: Research Data Management and Sharing (developed by the Curating Research Assets and Data Using Lifecycle Education (CRADLE) Project in collaboration with EDINA at the University of Edinburgh) on Coursera platform; Delivering Research Data Management Services (developed by the University of Edinburgh, Digital Curation Center, and Research Data Netherlands).
Data Literacy, FAIR, research data management