Agro-economic models: a review and directions for research

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Nehrey, Maryna
Kaminskyi, Andrii
Komar, M.
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The article is devoted to reviewing of main 8 models, which are used to analyze the agriculture sector, medium, and long-term forecasts, as well as policy making. The review is based on comparative analysis of models conducted by the authors according to a number of criteria. On its basis, formed the distinctive features of modeling, which are realized in these models. The first distinctive feature is the problem of choosing the level of aggregation in models. This feature generates the direction of research about the effectiveness of the application of one or another aggregation level in modeling. The second distinctive feature of modeling is structurization models into two types: partial equilibrium and computable general equilibrium models. The method of choosing the type of model is one of the actual problems. The third distinctive feature is dominance of deterministic approaches in the construction of models. The use of stochastic analysis in models, in the opinion of the authors, does not yet have a system analysis. Based on the carried out analysis, the authors tried to form directions for the development of the agriculture sector modeling.
Agricultural market, Agricultural policy, Computable General, Equilibrium model, Economic modelling, Partial Equilibrium model, article
Nehrey M. Agro-economic models: a review and directions for research / M. Nehrey, A. Kaminskyi, M. Komar // Periodicals of Engineering and Natural Sciences. - 2019. - Vol. 7, No. 2. - P. 702-711.