Theory of Techno-Economic Paradigm and the Enhancing Competitiveness Policy in Transition Economy of Ukraine

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Bazhal, Iurii
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The article is devoted to grounding of the adequacy of use of the modern Neo-Schumpeterian theory provisions during the formation of Ukrainian economic development strategy, where the main category must be the techno-economic paradigm. It dwells upon the peculiarities of appearance and evolution of technological trajectory and their influence on the dynamics of long-term economic growth of the country. It proves the presence of technological determinism in the context of the welfare of nations and concerning to places in the global rank of their competitiveness. It stresses the importance of understanding the objectiveness of these processes for all countries. Article analyzes the dynamics of structural aspects of Ukrainian industry development in the context of the conception of techno-economic paradigm. It is offered the approach to statistical classification of relevant groups of industrial branches in order to present each techno-economic paradigm separately. Proposed approach was using to calculate the corresponding structural dynamics of Ukrainian industry. The article makes a conclusion that under present conditions of international competition Ukraine has no other choice for the economic development model apart from mobilization of the national potential for the efficient adaptation of Ukrainian economy to contemporary technoeconomic paradigm of civilization evolution.
Schumpeterian economy, techno-economic paradigms, market structure, innovation policy, country competitiveness, transitive economy