Knowledge, attitudes, and perception to morning exercises among students in university of jos, Nigeria

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Ezeaku, Ugochukwu
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University of Jos is a Federal University, located in Jos, the capital city of Plateau State in Nigeria. Plateau State is of the 36 States of Nigeria and is situated in the north-central part of the country. This study investigated knowledge, attitudes, and perception to morning exercises among students in the University of Jos, Nigeria. The study involved evaluation research because it is explicitly judgment-oriented. The study adopted a descriptive survey design. The study population consisted of undergraduates of University of Jos and Nigerian students studying in Ukraine, covering a broad range of disciplines, such as pharmacy, medicine, engineering, management, arts and humanities, information technology, law, etc. Out of which, a total of 40 students were selected as the sample size for the study, i.e., 20 from the University of Jos and 20 Nigerian Students studying in Ukraine. A purposive sampling technique was adopted for the study. A structured, google-formed questionnaire was used as an instrument of data collection. The questionnaire was designed in English. Frequency and percentage tables, as well as charts, were used to analyze data.
knowledge, attitude, perception, morning, exercises, students, master program