Socio-communicative and cultural practices during the pandemic period

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Susska, Olha
Pashchenko, Halyna
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The article considers socio-communicative and cultural practices in social networks during the pandemic. The aim of the article is to identify and specify the possibilities of using social media in the formation of communicative interaction, cultural practices in modern conditions. In the context of digitalization of communicative and cultural practices, there is a need for effective use of social networks as modern media platforms and communication channels. Modern media culture is a special new form of media communication, which covers all spheres of human life: business, education, politics, culture. Social networks create a culture where reality and virtuality will acquire the same status. New online communities, new journalism, blurring of reality through virtuality, interactivity, convergence – these are the modern realities of media culture. Thanks to social networks, the role of the audience in interaction with culture has changed, its perception has been supplemented by the active participation of users in the creation of content. Now everyone has a chance to demonstrate their talent and interact directly with the audience. To stand out in the endless flow of information and win the affection of users on social networks, you need to understand their specifics and make full use of their potential. Social networks allow you to be creative, create different types of content, promote it, develop your own brands and become famous opinion leaders. A variety of cultural areas, including quite traditional ones, are now actively seeking to engage users in cultural practices. This article discusses the features of the requests and preferences of the expert circle of social network users. It also demonstrates the importance of communication and cultural practices for PR professionals, as well as journalists and media workers.
social networks, culture, mass communication, pandemic, mass media, public relations, cultural practices, article
Susska O. Socio-communicative and cultural practices during the pandemic period / Susska O. O., Pashchenko H. Р. // European Political and Law Discourse. - 2021. - Vol. 8, Issue 2. - P. 123-128.