Socio-psychological readiness for management of future health care managers

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Bazyl, Tamara
Yurochko, Tetiana
Shevchenko, Maryna
Bronikova, Svitlana
Skrypnikova, Olena
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The aim: To determine the content, components and levels of formation of social and psychological readiness of future managers of the health care system for management activities. Materials and methods: The research was conducted among students of master’s programs that prepare future managers for the health care system of Ukraine. The basic motivators of their social and psychological activity as a person, the formation of metacognitive strategies, the diagnosis of communicative and characterological features of personality and signs of leadership are determined. Results: These studies indicate the readiness of students for future activities. 80% of respondents were diagnosed with a high level of such potential, 20% – medium. The results indicate that the respondents have a significant potential of communicative and characterological abilities that can affect their further professional activity: intellectual (4,11±0,66) and volitional (4,17±0,33) traits, attitude to themselves (4,02 ± 0,36), focus on achieving goals (4,22 ± 0,42). The evaluation of the above characteristics was made on a 5-point scale. Future managers have formed a metacognitive "profile", identified high levels of metacognitive abilities (47,6 ± 4,182 points). Conclusions: It is established that the respondents have a high and appropriate moderate level of formation of the main components of readiness for managerial activity and have the appropriate managerial potential.
leadership, socio-psychological characteristics, competencies, personnel, article
Socio-psychological readiness for management of future health care managers / Tamara S. Bazyl, Tetiana P. Yurochko, Maryna V. Shevchenko, Svitlana A. Bronikova, Olena S. Skrypnikova // Wiadomości Lekarskie. - 2022. - Vol. 75, issue 5, part 1. - P. 1168-1174. -