"Карпатський текст" у творчості Василя Герасим'юка: автореферат дисертації на здобуття наукового ступеня кандидата філологічних наук

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Лаюк, Мирослав
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Автореферат дисертації на здобуття наукового ступеня кандидата філологічних наук за спеціальністю 10.01.01 – українська література. – Інститут літератури ім. Т. Г. Шевченка НАН України. – Київ, 2018. Дисертація присвячена комплексному дослідженню "карпатського тексту" у творчості Василя Герасим'юка, доведенню його цілісності, визначенню контекстів розуміння, зв'язків з культурною традицією та міри самобутності цієї поезії. Розкрито онтологічні, аксіологічні, телеологічні аспекти "карпатського тексту" Василя Герасим'юка, висвітлено його передісторію та етапи формування. Проаналізовано структуру, семантику та символіку цього тексту. Визначено особливості часопросторової організації, характер взаємодії образних структур, ритуально-міфологічні ознаки та інтертекстуальні реляції. Здійснено концептуальний аналіз поезії Герасим'юка в контексті дослідження семіосфери "карпатського тексту" автора.
Thesis abstract for the degree of candidate of Philological Sciences with a specialization 10.01.01 – Ukrainian literature. – Taras Shevchenko Institute of Literature, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv, 2018. This dissertation research is the first attempt to make a systematic and complex analysis of the “Carpathian text” of Vasyl Herasymiuk in the Ukrainian literary studies. The work outlines a terminological field of text, criteria for determining the base categories, directions for its interpretation, and analysis of the “text”; the semiotics of the “local text” and the history of the “Carpathian text” formation and investigation were analyzed. The dissertation ascertains that “Carpathian text” of Vasyl Heraymiuk, as well as any other text in its hermeneutical interpretation, is an “understanding-oriented reality”. This movable system with the out-system categories is presented as a range of signs structures which form a holistic unity. The main focus in the dissertation is allocated to the research of the semiosphere of the text; to the determination of means of semiotic space formation as a text reality, the interpretational field of which is enriched by the reader. It was found out that Vasyl Herasymiuk’s “Carpathian text” expresses his aesthetic and ethical attitudes as a peculiar “appeal to humankind”. Therefore, there occurs a change of the traditional “local” characteristics, as “loci of the symbolic senses creation” and “loci of the symbolic senses destruction” appear; the Carpathians become a new Axis Mundi – vertical line of the renewed mythological space, while the mythological river Dnipro appears to be “horizontal”. The work observes how “Carpathian text” of Vasyl Herasymiuk acquires all-Ukrainian significance. Since mythology is a basic characteristic of V. Herasymiuk’s artistic mentality, it was discovered that “initiation by the myth” provided by the “Carpathian text” allows the determination of the time and space characteristics, invariant mythological and symbolic structures, and revealing text’s ritual intention with the analysis of its ritualization means. It was revealed that the history of land, state and world is reflected in family history; “poetic geography” which determines the hierarchical structuring of the space; detailing and cataloging of cultural phenomena, household items, situations and types; and “philosophy of name” – are the main research aspects of the structural, semantic and symbolic spaces of Vasyl Herasymiuk’s “Carpathian text”. The reflection on the connections between the human and nature plays a significant role in the organization of the artistic structure of “Carpathian text.” In order to find the main aspects of these relations, it is necessary to discover the ways in which Herasymiuk shows the household aspects of the Carpathian man’s life; it is also related to habits and mentality features of the locals, their language, and household items. Therefore, through the determination of the space and the members of the opposition “own” // “alien,” and by the use of different means of ritualization, the ritual and mythological structuring of the “Carpathian text” occurs, and its teleology comes out: firstly, the “words” which disappear in time are becoming infinite; secondly, Herasymiuk attracts “magical assistants,” including his own books (“There Was a Land” – “there is a poet”); thirdly, “an aesthetic and ethical appeal to humankind” (I. Dziuba). The determination of the intertextual relation is the next stage of the investigation. The poetics of Vasyl Heraymiuk is distinguished by the frequent implications of motives, paraphrases, and direct or hidden quotations from other authors’ works. The intertext of Herasymiuk is a wide palette of Ukrainian and worldwide authors of different times, folklore, an appeal to his own works, and other kinds of art. All this organically intertwined in his “Carpathian text”. The conceptual analysis of Herasymiuk’s poetry in the context of the poet’s “Carpathian text” semiosphere was conducted. It was defined that the basic artistic concepts of Vasyl Herasymiuk comprehend all his cultural experience and present author’s original vision of the world, becoming the ground of the “Carpathian text’s” sphere of concepts. Therefore, such key concepts were defined and analyzed: “land”, “air”, “water”, “fire”, “poet”, “word”, “music”, “Bride”, “gutzuly”, “dance”, “tiles”, “dry carving” and “August in the old style”. Since these concepts generate the process of sense creation, they define not only the conceptual sphere of the poet’s work (and “Carpathian text”) but also its connection with the national sphere of concepts (actually, the national sphere of concepts arises as the sum of the “local” spheres of concepts). Therefore, the dissertation is dedicated to the investigation of the way in which the “Carpathian text” appeals intertextually to the generally “Ukrainian,” and becomes a ground to the nation-building historiosophical myth of creation, as well as the mean for Ukrainian identity formation. The dissertation proves integrity, defines the context of understanding, the links with the cultural tradition, and the measure of “Carpathian text’s” originality in the works of Vasyl Herasymiuk.
"карпатський текст", Василь Герасим'юк, "вісімдесятники", структура, семантика, символіка, концепт, “Carpathian text”, Vasyl Herasymiuk, “visimdesiatnyky”, structure, semantics, symbolics, concept, автореферат дисертації
Лаюк М. М. "Карпатський текст" у творчості Василя Герасим'юка : автореферат дисертації на здобуття наукового ступеня кандидата філологічних наук / М. М. Лаюк ; [наук. кер. : Кісельова Л. О.] ; НАН України, Ін-т літератури ім. Т. Г. Шевченка. - Київ : [б. в.], 2018. - 19 с.