Українські землі на початку XVIII ст. в картографічному та історико-географічному дослідженнях офіцера війська Карла XII Філіппа Йоганна фон Штраленберга

dc.contributor.authorСидорчук, Таїсія
dc.description.abstractСтаття присвячена історико-географічному опису українських земель на карті та у праці шведського картографа, географа і мовознавця Філіппа Йоганна фон Штраленберга (1676-1747). У статті здійснений огляд тих фрагментів карти і книги автора, в яких висвітлені історія українського народу, географія його розселення, топоніміка, адміністративний устрій, військо, історичні події та історичні постаті на початку XVIII ст.uk_UA
dc.description.abstractThe article is devoted to the historic-geographical description of Ukrainian lands, presented at the map and in the research work of Swedish researcher Philipp Johann von Strahlenberg (1676- 1747). The map under the title "Nova Descriptio Geographica Tatariae Magnae cum orientalis quam occidentalis in particularibus et generalibus Territories una cum Delineatione totius Imperii Russici imprimis Siberiae accurate ostensa" and the work under the title "Das Nord- und Ostliche Theil von Europa und Asia, in so weit solches das gantze Russische Reich mit Siberien und der grossen Tatarey in sich begreiffet, in einer Historisch-Geographischen Beschreibung der alten und neuern Zeiten, und vielen anderen unbekannten Nachrichten vorgestellet, nebst einer noch niemahls ans Licht gegebenen Tabula Poliglotta von zwey und dreyssigerley Arten Tatarischer Völcker Sprachen und einem Kalmuckischen Vocabulario, sonderlich aber einer grossen richtigen Land-Charte von den benannten Ländern und andern verschiedenen Kupfferstichen, so die Asiatisch-Scythische Antiquität betreffen" were published in Stockholm in 1730. Due to the map and his single book, which was published, the author had entered the history not only as Sweden military man, who accompanied the King Karl XIIs in Northern War, was the participant of Poltava Battle and Russian prisoner, but, first of all, as researcher, geographer, cartographer, linguist and writer. In the time span of eleven years, when Stralenberg was forced to stay in Siberian exile, he as a man of initiative, permanently investigated the history, geography, customs and languages of the native peoples and created the map of Russia and Siberia. After returning to Sweden researcher have written the book and published it together with map. The author is making the survey of some fragments of the book and map, where Stralenberg contributed to raise the issues of the history of Ukrainian people, geography of his settlement, administrative system, toponimics, army, historical events and historical figures at the beginning of the eighteenth century. Namely those fragments, developed by von Stralenberg, became the subject of the survey, examined in this article. Constructing his vision of Ukraine on the map, Stralenberg places only those Ukrainian lands, which were the part of the Russian Empire at the beginning of the eighteenth century, Namely Left Bank Ukraine and Slobozanschyna. Besides that, the map is also including the territory of Zaporozhian Host, some parts of the Right Bank Ukraine and Volhyn’. The Ukrainian lands are depicted by few common territorial terms: 1)Ukraine (Ukrainia), 2)Small Russia (Russia Minor), 3)Bilhorods’ki Cossacks (Cosaci Bialagorodski).On his map Stralenberg indicated rivers, as a natural border, namely Dnieper, Desna, Vorskla, Chorol, and also the Asov and Black Seas and some settlements. Conceptually, in defining the place and borders of Ukraine in European part of Russia, von Stralenberg in the framework of some fragments outlined the Ukrainian plots. Here he placed the information about natural boundaries, geographic and natural delimitation, climate, landscape, plant and animal world of Ukrainian lands.The researcher divides the territory of Ukrainian lands into four parts – Small Russia or the Hetman’s one, Zaporoshian, Slobids’ka Ukraine (Bilhorods’ka) and Polish (Right Bank Ukraine). In his characteristics of the administrative division of the Russian state in accordance to reform of Peter the Great, the author names the towns of Kyiv and Voronezh provinces, as well as the military departments, located in these provinces. In separate item, dedicated personally to Hetman Ivan Mazepa, von Stralenberg highly appreciates the Cossack’s leader, who, in his opinion, had great hopes to tear Ukraine away from Moscow, but failed to take advantage of his chance. In general, von Stralenberg describes the reasons and circumstances of Hetman Mazepa’s action and his alliance with Sweden King Charles XII. The author defines the Cossacks as free people, who are living in a frontier zone and earning their living due to the participation in different wars. Stralenberg also defines the contemporary status of Ukrainian Cossacks, which was marked by dependence from Russian authorities and bureaucrats. It is essential to stress that the map and the book of Stralenberg due to its popularity and translations on English, French and Spanish languages served as historical source for the information about Ukrainian lands at the beginning of the eighteenth century in the time span of few centuries.en_US
dc.identifier.citationСидорчук Т. М. Українські землі на початку XVIII ст. в картографічному та історико-географічному дослідженнях офіцера війська Карла XII Філіппа Йоганна фон Штраленберга / Таїса Сидорчук // Сіверянський літопис. - 2019. - № 1 (145). - С. 33-39.uk_UA
dc.relation.sourceСіверянський літопис.uk_UA
dc.statusfirst publisheduk_UA
dc.subjectФ. Й. фон Штраленбергuk_UA
dc.subjectукраїнські земліuk_UA
dc.subjectІван Мазепаuk_UA
dc.subjectPhilipp Johann von Stralenbergen_US
dc.subjectUkrainian landsen_US
dc.subjectIvan Mazepaen_US
dc.titleУкраїнські землі на початку XVIII ст. в картографічному та історико-географічному дослідженнях офіцера війська Карла XII Філіппа Йоганна фон Штраленбергаuk_UA
dc.title.alternativeUkrainian Lands at The Beginning of the Eighteenth Century in the Framework of the Cartographical and Historicgeographical Investigetions of the Officer of Karl XIIs Army Philipp Johann Von Stralenbergen_US
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