Проблеми дослідження мовної особистості у психолінгвістиці

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Куранова, Світлана
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Статтю присвячено визначенню основних напрямів дослідження мовної особистості у психолінгвістиці (вікової психолінгвістики; дослідження норми і патології в мовленні; створення типології мовних спільнот і особистостей; характеристика комунікативної поведінки мовної особистості). Виокремлено, охарактеризовано та означено перспективи застосування відповідних чотирьох основних напрямів .
The article is dedicated to defining of the main trends of research of language personality in psycholinguistics (age psycholinguistics, research of norm and pathology in speech, developing of typologies of language entities and personalities characterizing communicative behavior of language personality). The perspectives of using corresponding trends are singled out and characterized. Language personality is a type of linguistic description of the personality which contains psychological, social, ethical and cognitive components reflecting in his/her speech. This is a unity of peculiarities of verbal behavior of a person who uses the language as a means of communication. That is why language personality is researched on verbal, cognitive and pragmatic levels. It is complicated multilayer functional system which unites the level of language competence, abilities to use the means of providing speech interaction (communicative competence) and knowledge of the world (thesaurus). This is a unity of abilities of creating and receiving of texts which differ by the degree and depths of reflection of reality and certain purpose. The development of language personality is a subject of separate trend of psycholinguistics which embraces age psycholinguistics, psycholinguistics of development, ontolinguistics, psycholinguistic of child speech. Traditionally normative speech is the object of linguistic research as the etalon of language units and the connections between them are realized in it/ this fact brings to the fore the necessity of pathological phenomenon in psycholinguistics. Speech pathology is necessary to discriminate between other speech deviations (sleeps of the tongue, rearrangement of word elements, mistakes in using words etc.). As for its origin speech pathologies can be connected with pathology of personality, local damages of the brain, born or developed impairment of sensor systems, mental retarding or lagging of psychic development, defects of motor programming of speech. Anthropological model of personality defines most general cultural characteristics of the entity of personalities who form a people. Anthropological characteristics of a certain personality interact with his or her cognitive indices which causes the language personality formation. Thus from psycholinguistic prospective language personality can be scrutinized in the applied aspect: age psycholinguistic, pathological psycholinguistics, interdisciplinary aspect which unites anthropological and cognitive approaches (typology of language entities and personalities) and in the aspect of communicative behavior of the language personality.
мовна особистість, дискурс, психолінгвістика, мовлення, вікова психолінгвістика, стаття, language personality, psycholinguistics, discourse, speech
Куранова С. Проблеми дослідження мовної особистості у психолінгвістиці / Куранова С. І. // Вісник Маріупольського державного університету. Серія: Філологія. - Маріуполь, 2017. - Вип. 16. - С. 90-97.