"Нові медіа" і зрушення у смисловому полі реципієнта медіапростору

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Сусська, Ольга
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The variety of "new media" formats and the versatility of their content are increasingly becoming the subject of research in various scientific fields, including linguistics, communication theory, media psychology, sociology of mass communications, visual sociology, and sociology of culture. Most often, new media include blogs, e-mail, music, streaming services, television, cinema productions, electronic publications, social networks, virtual and augmented reality, websites, etc. The omnichannel and multimedia nature of "new media" presupposes both the use of an interdisciplinary approach to their study and the complexity of considering the problems covered by the subject of research. However, the attitude towards "new media" is still ambiguous. Fascination with technological diversity should not displace the focus of academics’ attention on meanings that are broadcast in the globalized media space and pose new challenges to the recipient. Among them: are the speed and ease of access to information, its multifacetedness, and the scale of receipt, which also require the speed of mastering and operating this information. Whether all subjects of the media space are ready to participate in modern intensified processes of information exchange is still an open question. A certain illusory nature of interactivity, which was put forward by the special preference for social networks, is becoming more and more obvious. That is why sociologists today need to be interested not only in the ratings of political forces, celebrities, and media channels but also in the degree of understanding of the concepts that determine the depth and prevalence of democratic processes in the country. The recognition of language and culture as two parallel and inseparable types of activity that determine both meaning-making and the integral process of communicative interaction with the recipients of "new media" remains hypothetical.
media space, communication, recipient, meaning-making, communicative interaction, new media, стаття
Сусська О. О. "Нові медіа" і зрушення у смисловому полі реципієнта медіапростору / Ольга Сусська // Evropsky Politicky a Pravni Diskurz. - 2023. - Vol. 10, Issue 4. - P. 52-58. - https://doi.org/10.46340/eppd.2023.10.4.2