Transformation of approaches in management and marketing due to the COVID-19 pandemic

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Hutorov, Andrii
Kurylo, Lyudmila
Mostova, Anastasiia
Sirenko, Olena
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The article summarizes and systematizes the theoretical and methodological principles of the management and marketing transformation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The topic of the research is relevant because the risks of most types of economic activities have increased in the conditions of the coronavirus crisis. These factors caused changes in consumer behavior and led to corresponding transformations in the management and marketing activities of business entities. The theoretical and analytical basis of the article includes fundamental works of scientists, statistical data of the State Statistics Service of Ukraine and leading consulting agencies. Methods of abstract-logical generalization, systematic and historical analysis and synthesis, monographic and survey-analytical, graphic methods were used in the research. It was determined that significant macroeconomic imbalances appeared in the conditions of the coronavirus crisis, the way of life changed, and society became less cohesive and mobile. Destruction of added value chains, logistics networks, decrease in total business activity of business entities led to a general deterioration of the population’s living standards and the parameters of their consumer confidence. It is shown that the COVID-19 pandemic contributed to changes in the hierarchy of consumer needs of Ukrainians, shifting the focus to physiological and safety needs. Therefore, most of the marketing trends during the coronavirus crisis in Ukraine are related to social distancing, seclusion of people and fear of disease. It has been established that the main tools of marketing management in the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic have become personalized digital technologies aimed at meeting the consumers’ needs in conditions of social distancing and isolation. These technologies are managed as adaptively as possible, based on risk management, constant monitoring of feedback from focusing on social networks and services. It has been determined that the promising tools for the development of management, marketing and logistics in the post-pandemic world include the robotics of industry, trade and delivery of goods, the development of innovative technologies for air disinfection, household items and equipment, mass non-contact medical diagnostics, and home entertainment services.
government, marketing, management, coronavirus crisis, COVID-19 pandemic, article
Transformation of approaches in management and marketing due to the COVID-19 pandemic / Andrii A. Hutorov, Lyudmila I. Kurylo, Anastasiia D. Mostova, Olena V. Sirenko // Academy Review. - 2023. - № 2 (59). - P. 131-142. -