Розроблення патерну налаштування мультимедійної системи

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Ашихмін, Антон
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System settings design is a typical task in development of the most multimedia projects. The main idea of settings is system control in real time or suspended mode. It consists in setting and changing values of particular system parameters. On one hand, the more changeable parameters are present, the higher flexibility of a system is provided. On another hand, parameter increase leads to greater complexity of system control. More important thing is that development of a complex subsystem of settings is a difficult task which usually consumes an essential part of the whole project resources. However, there are many repetitive steps, similar for the most projects. Thus, the problem of automation of settings subsystem development appears. This work is dedicated to the description of creation of a universal design pattern for such a subsystem. The pattern may be applied to any system development where realtime or suspended mode control is necessary, but mainly it is intended for multimedia systems which deal with graphics, audio, and video signal processing. It allows reaching the properties highly important in the context of the current high-speed information technologies evolution: integrity, clarity, flexibility, scalability, modularity, automation. The most valuable and prospective advantage is the automatic generation of graphic user interface by a set of input system parameters.
мультимедійні проекти, інформаційний розвиток, патерн, Adobe Audition, локалізація
Ашихмін А. В. Розроблення патерну налаштування мультимедійної системи / Ашихмін А.В. // Наукові записки. Т. 73 : Комп'ютерні науки / Нац. ун-т "Києво-Могилянська академія" ; [редкол. тем. вип. : Глибовець М.М. (гол. ред. і упоряд.), Анісімов А.В., Гороховський С.С. ... та ін. ; рец. Бєлов Ю.А., Нікітченко М.С.]. - К. : Києво-Могилянська академія, 2007. - С. 18-23.