Street name as a culture code

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Demska, Orysia
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The article deal with the problem of the correlation between the urban place names and the culture. It has been determined that the street/square names are a part of the culture, a maker of this culture with the great power of construction or destruction. They contain the information about the history of the place or space, the beliefs and values of the people or groups of these people, the everyday practices of the habitants. Being the elements of urban culture, containing the complex many-sided information about the residents of the city as a cultural group, the geographical proper names become the cultural codes. Each time, when someone says, asks, indicates, writes the street name, consciously or unconsciously actualized the events associated with this name, the story of person or phenomenon in the frame of the story of the society they belong, according to the culture of this society. Also, the in the article the thesis that the true essential transformation of the culture takes place when not only people but the space are on the stage is highlighted. The Soviet and the contemporary Ukrainian urban toponymic portraits were investigated and described.
urban place name, culture, street names, article
Demska O. Street name as a culture code / Demska O. M. // Development trends of philological sciences : collective monograph / D. Ch. Chyk, O. M. Demska, I. I. Dmytriv [et al.]. - Lviv ; Toruń : Liha-Pres, 2019. - Chapter 2. - P. 20-38. -