For the "Global 1960s" in Literature: American, French, and Ukrainian Contexts

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Kulish, Yuliia
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This article offers an innovative perspective on the literary landscapes of the 1960s in France, Ukraine, and the USA serving as exemplars of a global literary project that views literary works as heterotopias that, while being distinct, collectively constitute a cohesive whole. Using a comparative approach, complemented with distant reading techniques, the study examines how these literary realms are interconnected, revealing shared aesthetic foundations guided by an overarching law. This law, rooted in Theodor Adorno’s concept of negativity, becomes evident in in countercultural movements and consequential shifts in literary form, content, and canon. While not the primary focus of analysis, other unifying elements in this global literary panorama include dissent as defined by Jaques Rancière, and a Sartrian-infused interpretation of existentialism. The article suggests that this global phenomenon may have emerged due to the confluence of two factors: the seismic global impact of events like WWII and the evolving postmodern trajectory of the era.
1960s, global literature, comparative literature, negative dialectics, American literature, French literature, Ukrainian literature, dissent, existentialism, article
Kulish Y. For the "Global 1960s" in Literature: American, French, and Ukrainian Contexts / Yuliia Kulish // Kyiv-Mohyla Humanities Journal. - 2023. - № 10. - Р. 214-241. -