Компетентнісний підхід як шлях до вирішення проблем працевлаштування випускників вищої школи

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Карапетян, Аліна
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У статті проаналізовано досвід запровадження компетентнісного підходу та розглянуто державні інструменти вирішення проблем працевлаштування випускників вишів. Виявлено компетентності, які мають великий вплив на працевлаштування, але недостатньо розвиваються вишами, та запропоновано методи організації навчального процесу, спрямовані на їх розвиток.
The article provides the in-depth analysis of the steps taken to implement competency approach to curriculum development in higher education of Ukraine. The importance of this measure is on the top of the country’s priority list, which is proven by the laws «On education» and «On higher education». The competency approach is contraposed to the conventional knowledge approach to curriculum design, which is considered to have lost its potency under new conditions. The competency approach, on the contrary, is seen as an effective tool to struggle against such problems as labour market mismatch, changing requirement for graduates. The article also puts high value on the importance to attract all stakeholders, namely the Ministry of education, student government, business sector, to the process of reforming, first and foremost, by taking an active part in designing the National Framework of Qualifications. The article reveals that such factors as globalization, digitalization, an increase in the technology complexity and high competition among manufacturers, lead to the optimization of labor resources, the development and the use of new management methodologies, such as Agile, which involves the increasing role of teamwork, interaction with specialists of various fields, the ability to solve complex problems and think critically. This means that it is crucial to pay special attention to the personality of the student, the formation of the ability to act in various problematic situations. This changing context should be taken into account in the process of curriculum redesign, which should place emphasis on the development of interpersonal and systemic competences. The process of the implementation of interpersonal and systemic competences can undergo the following stages: revealing competencies, which are important for graduates’ employability; identifying competences which are being forms within the framework of the disciplines taught; searching for the niches to teach interpersonal and systemic competences / the introduction of new subjects focusing mainly on the development of the competencies in question; reflecting on the experience.
компетентність, працевлаштування, ринок праці, міжособистісні компетентності, гнучкі навички, стаття, competence, employment, interpersonal competencies, flexible skills
Карапетян А. О. Компетентнісний підхід як шлях до вирішення проблем працевлаштування випускників вищої школи / Карапетян Аліна Овіківна // Наукові записки. Серія: Педагогічні науки / Центральноукраїнський державний педагогічний університет імені Володимира Винниченка. - 2020. - Вип. 190. - С. 211-216. -