Prevention of Unlawful Trademark Use through the Internet: Best European Practices: [monograph section]

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Mykhaylyuk, Halyna
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Izdevnieciba Baltija Publishing
As the virtual world increasingly intersects with real life, companies across the EU might be interested in a clearer regulation of keyword advertising. A great number of well-known firms in the UK, France, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Belgium are faced with the problem of the sale of keywords, which correspond or are identical to famous trade marks, by Internet service providers (ISPs) to third parties. One of the main reasons behind this trend is the public’s growing preference for online shopping, either for products or services. As an Internet user conducts a search based on certain words/phrases, ISPs then produce a list of sites, which best matches those keywords in decreasing order of relevance. As a result, in order to attract more clients, owners of specific websites started buying keywords from the most popular ISPs. This situation led to the point where trade mark proprietors complained about the infringement of their trade mark’s rights.
law, Internet, European practices, judicial practice, trademark, monograph, section of the book
Mykhaylyuk H. O. Prevention of Unlawful Trademark Use through the Internet: Best European Practices / [Mykhaylyuk H. O.] // Information security and IT Law in conditions of integration processes : collective monograph / ed. O. Kharytonova, E. Kharytonov. - Riga : Izdevnieciba Baltija Publishing, 2017. - Part 1, Section 5. - P. 54-66.