Synthesis, properties and bioimaging applications of silver-based quantum dots

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Borovaya, Mariya
Horiunova, Inna
Plokhovska, Svitlana
Pushkarova, Nadia
Blume, Yaroslav
Yemets, Alla
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Ag-based quantum dots (QDs) are semiconductor nanomaterials with exclusive electrooptical properties ideally adaptable for various biotechnological, chemical, and medical applications. Silver-based semiconductor nanocrystals have developed rapidly over the past decades. They have become a promising luminescent functional material for in vivo and in vitro fluorescent studies due to their ability to emit at the near-infrared (NIR) wavelength. In this review, we discuss the basic features of Ag-based QDs, the current status of classic (chemical) and novel methods ("green" synthesis) used to produce these QDs. Additionally, the advantages of using such organisms as bacteria, actinomycetes, fungi, algae, and plants for silver-based QDs biosynthesis have been discussed. The application of silver-based QDs as fluorophores for bioimaging application due to their fluorescence intensity, high quantum yield, fluorescent stability, and resistance to photobleaching has also been reviewed.
silver-basedQDs, photoluminescence, near-infrared, "green" synthesis, fluorescence imaging, article
Synthesis, properties and bioimaging applications of silver-based quantum dots / Borovaya M., Horiunova I., Plokhovska S., Pushkarova N., Blume Y., Yemets A. // International Journal of Molecular Sciences. - 2021. - Vol. 22. - Article number 12202. -