Development of Turkic Studies in Ukraine

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Turanly, Ferhad
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This paper is a study in the field of the development history of the Turkic Studies in Ukraine. The accent has been made on the actual importance of studying Turkish archival documents which are quite much related to identification of problems in the History of the Cossack Ukraine. A special focus has been made on the implementation by Omelian Pritsak of fundamental Turkic studies of problems relating to the history of the Ukrainian-Turkish relations, which was a significant investment in the development of the Turkic Studies. In particular, the situation in the Turkic society of the Karakhanidian period of history was the object the above said scholar had been studying. This paper also tells us that the scholar paid a lot of attention to studying the relations between the Cossack-Hetmanic Ukraine and the Ottoman Porte (or otherwise called “Sublime Porte”) in the middle of the 17th century. There has been underlined that O. Pritsak’s concept relating to the development of the Turkic Studies was implemented at the up-to-date stage of the development of this scientific branch in Ukraine, which is also true in regard of the re-orientation of the latter one onto the national foundations. Taking in account O. Pritsak’s methods of studying data sources, enables us to maximally objectively interpret a set of facts from Ukraine’s national History which have been kept undisclosed till nowadays.
Turkic Studies, concept, Pritsak, Cossack, Sultan, methodology, Crimea, Ukraine, Turkey
Turanly F. Development of Turkic Studies in Ukraine / Ferhad Turanly // Journal of International Eastern European Studies / Uluslararası Doğu Avrupa Araştırmaları Dergisi. - 2019. - Vol. 1. - P. 198-214.